Fate or destiny?

One night a young man opened the refrigerator, to find something to eat but .. Empty. He decided to eat a pizza. He walked ten blocks, until he found a pizzeria open in the center of the city where h\ne lived. He noticed a girl sitting alone on the back table, but did not even look at her. When the soda arrived, he saw that it was not the diet soda that him request.

The waiter just served on the back table. He turned. He asked the girl if they had not changed their soft drinks. She agreed. They changed the bottles. They talked for a few minutes, she said she did not live there, she was just visiting her uncles and she would stay in town for a few days. He wanted to ask for his phone number , but he did not dare. He left with the girl in his mind. The next afternoon, he went up on foot, going the same way this time to visit a friend. She was coming down. They stopped. They talked. He invited her out. It’s been 15 years. They are together till this day.

So the question is …?

Fate or destiny?” If he had not gone to eat that pizza, if the waiter had not changed the bottles, would they be together?