The “Skull Church”

Known as the ‘Skull Church,’ the macabre building contains bodies that have been dismembered, de-fleshed, and reassembled into decorative features including a bone chandelier, bone chalices and a family crest constructed from human remains.

There’s an enormous coat-of-arms of the Schwarzenberg , noble family at the Sedlec Ossuary chapel beneath the Cemetery Church of All Saints in Sedlec, suburb of Kutna Hora, Czech Republic.The ossuary contains the remains of about 40.000 people and the current arrangement of bones dates from 1870.

No attention to detail has been spared with creative arrangements, and constructed chandeliers being the focus point of the attraction

Situated under the Cemetery Church of All Saints it features skull bunting artfully draped between beams, two large chalices, four baroque candelabras, six pyramids and candleholders – all made with bone.

The centrepiece chandelier comprises of almost every bone in a human body, including seven arms formed from vertebrae, with candle-mounted skulls.

The unusual design is said to represent a seven-headed beast, reminiscent of prophecies from the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

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