Music and spirituality

Perhaps after the search for water, food and sex, music and religion arise in human nature as answers to the most apparent needs in people’s daily lives.

Not infrequently these two elements mingle giving rise to a powerful weapon in an attempt to fill in internal gaps and influence third parties.

Religion benefits from music as a means of propagating its message, while artistic production uses spirituality as the thematic element for inspiration.

In Europe, St. Augustine said that “To sing once is to pray twice.” For the application of melodic structures would enhance the human capacity to connect with the divine.

Through vibration and timbre, we know if the music is rough, soft, calm, white, blue, multicolour and so on …

Vibration is the sound that you do not only “hear.” rather, it is the one you hear with your ears and feel in your own skin and in your heart! It turns out that it is not just the air around us that vibrates when a sound wave propagates.

Our bodies vibrate, our cells vibrate, we are constituted by atoms, which by their very nature are always vibrating, dancing, circulating, like the dancing of electrons, the cosmic dance of the universe. Everything flows, everything changes, everything is in constant motion. We do not bathe in the same river twice. Different sounds vibrate in different parts of the body and affect our various chakras.

Regardless of the style of music you enjoy, if it makes you relax and feel good, you will always be connected to this incredible vibrational energy of sound.


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