New Years Spell

The New Year should be filled with the promise of plentiful possibilities and potential as yet another new year stretches before you. But for many it can be fearful time with illness, mounting debt, lack of love, job uncertainly or looming financial hardships.

But you can transform this New Year with the help of a little Magick

Is about new beginnings.

What do you want to begin or start afresh?

Make up your mind , think about what you WANT for the next year and in a pice of paper write it down.,

When you are ready to begin the spell, relax, loosen up any tense body parts,with the piece of paper in your hand , take three deep breaths and evoke:

My name is …. ( once )

On this night,

I bless the year to come

My prayer be heard,

My will be done. ( repeat 7 x)

The piece of paper you can put inside of a book that you are reading…or somewhere you can sometimes read and remind you that you are on the right way .


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