New Year’s big ritual in Brazil…

In Brazil beaches are strategic places to celebrate the night of New Year’s Eve. First of all, because they can accommodate the huge local and international crowd (we’re talking about millions of people) who gather to experience outdoor concerts, carnival dances, bars open 24-hours, and jaw-dropping fireworks. Rio’s Copacabana Beach has the most famous New Year celebration! Second, because beaches are where the Iemanjá ritual is performed

Offerings to Iemanjá, the “Goddess of the Sea” and the “Mother of Waters”

Iemanjá is an African-Brazilian deity from the Candomblé and Umbanda religions. She is held to be the patron of fishermen and also of the survivors of shipwrecks, the spirit of moonlight, and the feminine principle of creation.

lemanjá is portrayed as this gorgeous woman with long hair and white dress rising from the sea. In the midst of New Year’s Eve, adherents throw white flowers, jewelry, rice, perfume, mirrors, and other gifts into the ocean, and send out floating candles onto the waves, as offerings to her. It is believed that if your offerings are sent back, your wish will not be granted because she is not pleased with your offering(s).




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