Sigils a kind of magick…

Sigils are probably one of the most common kinds of magick we all see in the modern world, but no one seems to notice. Sigil magick is the art of using symbols and imagery to manifest a specific intent or outcome. A meaningless shape or figure that is given meaning by the magician and then deployed, released among the target population to spread like a virus.

The best example of sigils are brand logos. The Nike swoosh or McDonald’s golden arches are both perfect examples of highly powerful magick in action. Just the sight of that yellow ‘M’ on a red background and your mouth waters for french fries. Even Coca-Cola’s cursive font, reminiscent of the green glass bottle, is instantly recognizable in any country no matter the language. It’s not simply that their marketing executives have imprinted their brand names and their products in our minds. Those symbols evoke actual emotional or even physical responses in us. Seeing the Coca-Cola logo makes you thirsty; the red and yellow hues favored by McDonald’s naturally induce hunger. These symbols, seemingly innocent, have a profound effect on us physiologically as well as psychologically.

So, the head honchos at these massive corporations have utilized the power of sigils to sell billions of cheeseburgers and sneakers. What will you use it for?

Sigils are not good or evil, they’re not black magick or white magick . They are like any other technology—they can be used for whatever purpose suits the user. Businesses use sigil magick everyday to influence people’s feelings, desires and ideas; but the technique can be employed for more benevolent purposes too.

Use your intuition …

Be creative…

Magick comes from everywhere…

Its around you …

Use in your favor.



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